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The journey into Motherhood is one filled with joy and new experiences throughout pregnancy and the process of childbirth, the mother’s body undergoes a lot of changes preparing for her motherhood. It is of utmost importance that the health of mother and child, physically, mentally, emotionally are in harmony. Deepanjali recognizing the importance of restoring the health of both mother and newborn have made special “Prasavaraksha” packages.It includes internal medicines and cultural treatments which wings harmony of mind and body. The health mother to baby.
In Nature’s backyard
Our cottages have been constructed to be well knit with nature in every single way possible. This is to better facilitate the process of healing during your course of stay here. Just residing and feeling the energy can help you experience a sensation like never before.
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Ayurvedic Resort in Kerala
Elegant & Resourceful
All services and facilities at the resort are truly a mark of quality. In order to deliver the best in the class experience every intricate detail has been paid great attention to. This unique experience is what puts Deepangali Retreat a cut above the rest.
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A wonderful Experience!
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Ayurveda Packages
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Great possibilities
Always giving the best
A one of a kind project
To re-establish the lost connection with nature
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